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anxiety relief

Anxiety Relief


You may be reading this because you feel stressed, anxious, or afraid. Perhaps you want to sleep better, get rid of a phobia, end your suffering from the noise of tinnitus, or help your body heal from some disabling illness.

You might even wish to improve your golf or tennis game.

We help people with each of these issues and more.

You’re about to learn how our clients achieve such remarkable results.


Anxiety – Look The Other Way?


Anxiety is the most basic negative emotion, and makes us feel really bad. Nobody likes feeling bad, so we want the feeling to go away. When it doesn’t, we search desperately for ways to distract our attention so we won’t feel quite so miserable for a little while.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating, and mood-altering prescription drugs are distractors generally accepted in polite society for stress relief. When anxiety remains uncorrected, it may emerge as unexplained fears, poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, performance anxieties, phobias, or chronic and disabling illness.


Anxiety = Fear


stress reliefAnxiety represents a fear response in the body. More useful in primitive times, fear is a normal emotion meant to protect us from imminent danger. Once the dangerous threat goes away, the fear response should disappear.

In today’s world, however, many threats never seem to go completely away. As a result, the fear response lingers inside the body. This situation results in an ever-present uneasy feeling known as an anxiety disorder, or as chronic stress.

You probably already know that conventional talk psychotherapy often fails to relieve stress and anxiety. Mind-altering prescription drugs merely cover up the real problem, and can be extremely dangerous. Self-help home remedies may at best improve things for a short time.

When you understand what actually causes chronic stress or anxiety, you’ll also understand how both can be eliminated very quickly.

Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART) works by unhooking fear responses in the body. As soon as a specific fear response goes away, the accompanying stress or anxiety simply vanishes. This is true stress relief like you’ve never experienced before.

During the past 10 years, our method has delivered complete anxiety relief for more than 90% of our clients. What’s more, this relief  is:

  • A) Long lasting
  • B) Typically obtained within a few hours
  • C) Effective during face-to-face and/or distance sessions via telephone and Email.


How is this possible? To find out, click on the following link: 

Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART.)

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 anxiety relief