A Life Without Fear

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As an MD and retired surgeon, allow me to point out that the human body recognizes only two pure emotions:

Love and Fear.

And it’s either/ or. Similar to light and darkness, the two cannot co-exist at the same time. So it comes down to:

Love Vs Fear.

POSITIVE emotions generate a feeling of love – emotions  such as: joy, happiness, pleasure, or admiration.

NEGATIVE emotions – such as anger, fear, frustration, guilt, shame, sadness – generate a feeling of fear. Why?  Because ALL NEGATIVE EMOTIONS represent an actual fear of something. For example, Anger is a fear that someone has done or said something to harm you. Frustration is the fear that no matter how many times you’ve tried, you will not be able to complete a task. Sadness and bereavement represent a fear that you can never retrieve something of value that you have lost.

Let’s reduce this to a cellular level within your body. Dr Bruce Lipton – a brilliant cellular biologist at Stanford University  Medical Center – demonstrated that when we observe a single cell in a Petri dish under a high-powered microscope:

a. Given proper conditions of temperature, pH, moisture, that little cell will move forward and take in nutrition, convert it to energy, dispose of waste products, and can even reproduce itself. Remember, this little cell contains no heart, brain, blood vessels, or nerves, etc. If you injure this cell, it will always heal itself. Unless:

b. If one adds to the dish the fear hormone – adrenaline – the cell contracts, withdraws, stops all functions, and will wither and die unless the “fear hormone” is removed.

c. Conclusion: At any given time, each cell of the human body exists in either a love/growth mode or fear/withdraw mode.

d. When in the love/growth mode, every cell of your body has the capacity to heal itself from any injury that does not kill it. When a person is living with chronic fear or anxiety, millions of their cells suffer from an inability to heal. This often results in chronic inflammation and subsequent chronic illness such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, hypertension, etc.

e. In primitive times when we had to fight off Sabre tooth tigers or warring savages, fear often helped us survive. Times have changed, but the human body has not adapted as well as one might hope. Every fearful experience still causes a fight-or-flight response. Do battle or run away! Fear and its accompanying surge of adrenalin increases the blood supply to the large muscles of the back, legs, and arms, the heart races, the mind goes on hyper-alert. This same response also greatly reduces the blood supply to our 1. frontal lobe of the brain, 2. digestive organs, 3. sex organs, and 4. immune system. The result is poor digestion, an inability to think clearly – feeling anxious, no time – RUN! Your mind and body feel as though a dangerous tiger is chasing you!

An identical response happens today anytime we feel out of control of a situation. For example, when a business deal goes sour, or even when watching the news on TV. Why do you think newscasters always ask questions to which there is no answer? “What’s going to happen tomorrow in Syria?” “In Russia?” “To the stock market?” What will Iran do?” This is purposely done to create anxiety, so viewers will tune in later for the answer, in an attempt to regain some control.

SO – What is Fear or Anxiety? A lack of control.

Anytime we are not in full control of a situation, we feel anxious and afraid.

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One Great Gift


One of God’s great gifts to man is the ability to monitor and regulate our thoughts to deliver what we desire.
Your mind truly is the control center of your life. And this gift is all we need to overcome and remove fear from our lives.

Tip One: Observe your own thoughts. Begin by asking yourself where are your thoughts in relation to time?
If you’re feeling anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, shame – your thoughts are in past. Always. Why does this make you feel anxious? Because you have absolutely NO control over the past. You cannot change the past, regardless.

Feeling Anxiety & Fear? – your thoughts are in the future. Why does this make you feel anxious? Because you have absolutely NO control over the future until it arrives – which may or may not come to pass. You can plan and prepare for it, but cannot change it. Also note, we’re not afraid of something that already  happened yesterday or last week. We only fear things in the future – in 5 minutes, a week, a year.

When thoughts are in the present – this instant – we immediately regain some control. No matter what is happening, we have options. We can run away, fight, seek help, plan, laugh, cry, shout,  or do something else! We feel less anxiety or fear because we have some control over the events. Removing the fear response from your body affects every cell in your body. Doing so allows you to think more clearly and plan more effectively. You will make better decisions for yourself and your family. Removing the fear response also restores your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Tip Two: Monitor and regulate your individual thoughts.

Ask yourself why do you think what you do? When asked this question, many people respond, “I don’t know…I just do.” “Thoughts just pop into my head.”


Begin right now to pay attention to your actual thoughts.

Note that it’s nearly impossible to stop a thought. For example, picture President Obama’s face on TV. Really see his face on TV. Now try to stop this mental picture. It’s difficult for most of us.

Then imagine a warm spring day, and you are riding a bicycle down a country lane, with flowers alongside the path. You spot an large oak shade tree to the side of the road, next to a gurgling brook, so you stop and get off the bicycle. Where is President Obama’s face now? It disappeared, right? You simply replaced it!

Not monitoring your thoughts is like being a passenger on a commercial airliner when the pilots have bailed out. Nobody is in control. You know what the result will almost certainly be – disastrous! A smoldering wreck. Your life is no different.

So begin today to practice paying attention to your own thoughts. Assume the role of a bystander and take a look at what you are thinking right now.  Do this repeatedly throughout your day – especially  when you are feeling anxious or afraid.

Step two – Anytime a negative thought appears, immediately replace it. Switch it to a positive thought.
This can feel nearly impossible when you are in the midst of a crisis. If someone tells you to “Think positive,” you might want to throw something at them. So be like a Boy Scout. Be Prepared with a default thought that you can always call up when needed. Make sure the default thought floods your body with a feeling of love.

Allow me to share a personal experience. When still conducting my surgical practice, I would often come home feeling very stressed at the end of a long work day. Typically, as I pulled my car into our garage at home and cut off the engine, my wife would open the door from the house and let our dogs run to greet me. One dog in particular – whom we had rescued from being abandoned – particularly adored me. Her name was Muffin – a tiny black ball of fur. She would jump into my arms and lick my face with excitement. I would accompany the dogs into my bedroom and play with them for several minutes on the bed. This remains one of my fondest memories today, and fills me with a feeling of great love and peace each time I call it to mind. I call this memory my “Muffin Thought,” and it has served me well over many years. You must have memories that bring up a similar feeling when you recall them. Pick one and use it well.

In summary, to avoid living with anxiety and fear:

a. Practice paying attention to your own thoughts.

b. Keep your thoughts in the IMMEDIATE PRESENT where you have some control over your circumstances.

c. Practice and make it an automatic action to immediately replace every negative thought with a positive one.  Prepare your own “Muffin” thought today for future use. You will find at the beginning that your mind will quickly switch back to the problem at hand. But you can consciously switch it right back to your Muffin thought to generate a feeling of love. You may experience a “tug of war” as your mind quickly shifts back and forth. But don’t give up. Persist. Keep consciously switching back to your chosen thought until you gain control. This process requires some effort initially, but becomes easier with practice and repetition. The results justify whatever effort is required.

d. Over time, you train your mind to quickly analyze problems without fear, and then focus on positive solutions.

e. Your physical body’s individual cells can then heal themselves and function at peak capacity.

f. The resulting vibration that you send out into the universe attracts similar positive thoughts and actions, and the energy of love into your life. This is The Law of Attraction at work. Whatever picture and thoughts you hold in your mind, you will experience more of in your life. In my experience, this law only works…about…100% of the time.

g. Even if you’ve watched it before, go back and watch again Rhonda Byrne’s film called THE SECRET – available on You Tube. It is marvelous.

Remember, “When you change your thoughts, you change your words. Changing your words will change your actions. Changing your actions will change your world. ” Make sure your world changes for the better.

God gave us this marvelous gift – the human mind. Using your precious gift exactly as He designed it will absolutely change your life and the lives of those around you for the better!

You really are the pilot of your own ship of life and also responsible for those who choose to accompany you on your journey. Refuse to bail out on yourself or your loved ones. By taking firm command today of this magnificent control center – your thoughts – you can count on safe journeys, improved health, and many love-filled experiences throughout your lifetime.

Our Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART) is a very special method of meridian therapy that physically removes fear responses from the body. The information on this page is intended to help you consciously avoid or remove fear as well. We incorporate both methods into our practice for our clients.

May God continue to bless you as you move forward.

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