Charles Smithdeal, M.D. – Anxiety Relief Specialist


Recently retired from his surgical practice, Dr. Smithdeal utilizes the latest drug-free methods for the relief of all forms of anxiety, fears, and phobias.

“The last thing people need today is another prescription for stress relief,” he says. “By incorporating recent discoveries in quantum physics and cellular biology into the work of other energy-medicine pioneers, we developed our exciting method, Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART.)

“This revolutionary technique is fast, painless, and medication free. It is more effective at eliminating fears and anxiety than anything I witnessed in all my years of practicing medicine.”

Dr. Smithdeal utilizes face-to-face and/or video sessions to serve clients throughout the English-speaking world.

Often referred to as “Dr. Charlie” in the world of professional sports, he helps improve the performance of professional athletes and Olympic hopefuls.  His methods can totally eliminate mental or emotional blocks that prevent accomplished athletes from realizing their full potential.

Business owners and sales professionals utilize Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART) to remove limiting beliefs. Doing so can greatly increase their personal and financial success.

In order to attain their full potential, performing artists must be 100% focused and anxiety free when onstage or in front of a camera. Many outstanding dancers, actors, singers, and more have discovered how easily this can be accomplished with Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART.)




Deborah Smithdeal, Ph.D., C.Ht. – Anxiety Relief Specialist


An experienced energy practitioner and instructor, Deborah (Dr Deb) also holds a Doctorate degree in Hypnotherapy. She is a certified Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy and board certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy and National Guild of Hypnotists.

Deborah says, “Now that we have Anxiety Relief Techniques®, clients rarely require conventional hypnotherapy to get the results they desire. ART is faster and more effective for most issues, including general stress relief. I do find that clients often benefit from learning self-hypnosis, which I incorporate into my sessions. In fact, all hypnosis is a form of self-hypnosis.”

Deborah offers medication-free techniques to relieve phobias, fears, and stress.She specializes in women’s issues of poor self-esteem and lack of self confidence – especially for women who have suffered physical, mental, or sexual abuse in childhood or adult relationships. 

“Anxiety is also the driving force behind many common problems for artists, athletes, public speakers, and salespeople,'” she says. “Once a client’s anxiety is removed, these issues are easily overcome. We do this all the time…typically within two or three hours total.”

A former professional actor and dancer herself, Deborah is passionate about helping actors, singers, dancers, and other performing artists. “I love helping talented young women perform at their full capacity.”

Dr Deb: (727) 512-5130.

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Drs. Charles & Deborah Smithdeal

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