Anxiety Relief Techniques® (ART)


Before exploring the details of our method,  please consider the following:

  • What is the most destructive factor that keeps athletes from playing up to their full potential?
  • What is the #1 factor that limits salespeople, lawyers, teachers, doctors, business owners, and others from reaching their full earnings potential?
  • What prevents or destroys so many meaningful relationships?
  • What is the largest single contributor to obsessive and destructive behaviors such as alcoholism, overeating, smoking, or addiction to drugs, gambling, or sex?

The answer to all four questions is the same: Negative Emotions!  


So – What Are Negative Emotions?

A negative emotion is any emotion that makes you feel bad. Negative emotions are always counter-productive to your well being.

Can you name a single time when any of the following improved your life? Anxiety, fear, frustration, guilt, shame, anger, or self-doubt?

anxiety reliefAt a core level, humans experience only two primary emotions: love and fear. Love is the purest positive emotion. Fear is strictly negative.

Since love and fear sit at opposite ends of a continuum, it is not possible for the human body to experience both emotions at the same time. 

Are you aware that ALL negative emotions represent a fear of something? For example, anger is fear that a person or situation has done or said something to harm you. Frustration is the fear that – no matter how many times you try – you will not be able to complete a task. Sadness is the fear that you can never recover something of value that you have lost.

  • Q. Okay, I get it. But where do negative emotions exist?
  • A. In the subconscious mind.
  • Q. How long have they been there?
  • A. In many instances, since early childhood.
  • Q. Who or what put them there?
  • A. A disruption in the body’s circulating energy system.




Anxiety Relief Discovery

Were you expecting a different answer? Did you think we were about to make the same old tired accusations that blame your mother or father, a failed business or marriage, or an illness, injury, or unhappy childhood?

Allow me to repeat what this major scientific breakthrough has shown us.

Negative emotions are the result of a disruption in the body’s circulating energy system.

This exciting new discovery is:

  • Revolutionary
  • Absolutely true, and
  • We prove it again and again, every day.


The Body’s Energy System

Your body has a circulating energy system that keeps you alive. Small parts of this life energy are being measured when you undergo an EEG or EKG (Electroencephalogram measures energy transmissions from the brain. Electrocardiogram measures energy transmissions from the heart.)

More than 25 years ago, psychotherapist Dr Roger Callahan reported that every traumatic event in life causes a disruption in our circulating energy system – some  disruptions are major, others are smaller. He demonstrated that each disruption in the energy system – a short circuit, if you will – remains in place until something proactive is done to remove it.

Dr Callahan also determined that a disruption in the energy system – NOT the traumatic event itself – generates a negative emotion.

In other words, it is the short circuits that cause us to feel anger, fear, frustration, self-doubt, guilt, shame, etc.

These negative emotions (energy disruptions) can also show up as mental or emotional blocks when we least expect them, such as during stressful situations, illness, or high-pressure competition.


Anxiety – A Possible Solution?


  • Q. Wait a minute…if somebody could correct those short circuits, would that take away my bad feelings?
  • A. It would.
  • Q. Then I wouldn’t need distractors to make me feel better? Cigarettes? Sweets? Alcohol?
  • A. Correct.
  • Q. So it would be easier to stop smoking, overeating, drinking, or whatever?
  • A. Yes.
  • Q. And I could get rid of emotional blocks that cause me to self sabotage when I’m stressed? Such as during a  golf or tennis match?
  • A. Correct again.
  • Q. Hmmm. Has anybody figured out how to remove those short circuits?
  • A. We thought you’d never ask.


Anxiety Relief –  Our Method

We first identify the short circuits and then remove them. This quickly reverses your negative emotions and eliminates specific fears.

Our method provides effective stress relief because it restores the continuity of the disrupted energy flow within your body.

Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART) incorporates components from Dr. Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy (TFT,) Gary Craig’s remarkable Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)®, and Tapas Fleming’s Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT.)

ART is fast, painless, highly effective, and truly revolutionary. We teach our clients issue-specific imagery while activating known access pathways to the limbic system (fear center) of the brain. By doing so, ART incorporates the latest developments in quantum physics and cellular biology. 

In plain English, we show our clients how to A) hold in mind a picture of a specific traumatic event, and then B) remove the negative emotion from that event. This is accomplished via gentle manual stimulation of specific acupressure points.

Sometimes described as a type of emotional acupressure, this body-mind method reprocesses information stored in the subconscious. It unhooks the hyper-arousal state of fear from the memory of any specific traumatic event. Once fear is removed from the memory, it’s as though the traumatic event never happened. This is anxiety relief at its best.

Variations of these methods have proven highly effective for victims of war, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters. They have been remarkably successful when applied by volunteers in Rwanda, Cosovo, S. Africa, the Congo, for post-911 survivors, and many other crisis situations. They are equally effective for victims of past physical or sexual abuse as well as military personnel and others suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) 

Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART) is so consistently successful that more than 90% of our clients experience complete reversal of their issues in a matter of hours or days. Not weeks or months – within a few hours! Clients typically find the process quite easy and refreshing.


Willpower for Anxiety Relief?

Using sheer willpower, you can “white-knuckle it” for a short while to deny phobias, fears, or unwanted behaviors. But willpower alone does not provide stress relief. It will NOT fix the real problem.

Abuse of distractors is often a symptom pointing to some unresolved anxiety. If you remove a distractor without removing the anxiety, you’ll simply move on to the next available distractor. Why? Because we humans are not willing to feel miserable for very long.


Anxiety Relief – What Does All This Mean For You?


anxiety reliefIt means that FINALLY somebody will live up to their promises and actually help you feel better. We show you how to remove the anxiety, fears, limiting beliefs, and mental or emotional blocks that are holding you back. Once and for all!

Our unique method of stress relief and anxiety relief has proven successful for all issues mentioned above plus many more.

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