Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Post Traumatic Stress – also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – is commonplace today among military men and women who have faced horrific wartime conditions and situations. 

The human psyche is not able to experience such extreme physical or emotional traumas without suffering significant damage.

Until now, neither the military establishment nor conventional medicine has provided an effective solution. However, the techniques described here have proven highly effective for energy-medicine practitioners to relieve suffering and reverse the symptoms of PTSD.

As an example, Mr. Gary Craig demonstrated his technique [Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)®] a few years ago in a Veterans Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. Fortunately he videotaped all sessions while teaching his techniques to veterans suffering from severe cases of PTSD. 

It is my understanding that Craig extended an open invitation for all staff psychologists, psychiatrists, and residents in training to observe his sessions. He and an assistant conducted sessions several times daily for one week. It is also my understanding that not one staff member – M.D., PhD, or R.N. – showed up to observe and learn what Craig was doing.

 I have personally watched the videotapes of these recorded sessions. The results experienced by these tortured veterans were astounding. Many obtained more relief following a few hours of applying this method than from all of their prior years of conventional treatment and brain-altering medications.

Our personal results confirm the effectiveness of these methods for victims of Post Traumatic Stress or PTSD.

Isn’t it time to embrace truly effective methods to relieve the suffering of these brave men and women and their families who have sacrificed so much to keep our country safe?

Civilians worldwide are also being exposed to horrific acts of terrorism. Thank God we finally have an effective means to deal with the psychic trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that results from such inhumane acts.


PTSD Experience & Studies


For lack of a more descriptive term, ART, EFT, TFT, and TAT are often grouped together under the category of “Energy Psychology” (EP.)

Respected EP researchers Drs Joaquin Andrade & David Feinstein reported a multicenter study of 31,400 patients followed in 11 allied clinics in South America over a period of 14 years. 36 therapists were involved. One particular study involved 5,000 patients diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder. Of these, half were treated with Energy Psychology alone (EP,) and the other half were treated with conventional Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT – psychotherapy) plus conventional medications.


Patients who showed some significant improvement:

CBT + medication = 63%.
EP = 90%.

Patients who demonstrated complete remission of symptoms:

CBT + medication = 51%.
EP = 76%.

Average # of sessions required for reported results:
CBT +medication = 15 sessions.
EP = 3 sessions.

Comparison to conventional acupuncture:

Positive Response with conventional acupuncture (Needles) = 50%.
Positive Response with EP = 77.5%.




Case studies of 337 post-disaster victims in Kosovo, Rwanda, the Congo, and South Africa demonstrated significant improvement from applying Energy Psychology techniques in 334 victims (99%.) Details below.

The Green Cross, a humanitarian relief organization formed after the Oklahoma City bombings in 1995, recently adopted Energy Psychology techniques as a standard therapy in its post-disaster missions.

In Kosovo, approx 100 people were followed for 18 months after using one form of Energy Psychology for “problematic emotional effects of 249 horrific self-identified memories.” Of these, 247 (99.1%) were not merely improved, but reduced to “no emotional distress” on a scale of 0 to 10. The horrific memories, of course, remain, but are no longer emotionally disabling.

January 21, 2001, Dr Skkelzen Syla (Chief medical officer of Kosovo—similar to our Surgeon General, and a well respected MD and psychiatrist) investigated the treatments and then reported:

“Many well funded relief organizations have treated post-traumatic stress here in Kosovo. Some of our people had limited improvement, but Kosovo had no major change or real hope until we referred our most difficult trauma patients to Dr Johnson and his team. The success was 100% for every patient and they are still smiling to this day.” (Carl Johnson PhD is a clinical psychologist, a diplomat of the American Board of Professional Psychology, and a retired PTSD specialist with the Veterans Administration.) Dr Johnson made 9 trips to Kosovo between Feb 2000 and June 2002. His later trips were primarily for the purpose of training local physicians in the application of Energy Psychology.

Dr Johnson’s records indicate the following results using Energy Psychology techniques:

COUNTRY   # VICTIMS           SUCCESSFUL                 # TRAUMAS                  FULLY RESOLVED

KOSOVO         189                          187                                    547                                      545

SO AFRICA:    97                             97                                     315                                       315
RWANDA       22                             22                                       73                                          73
CONGO         29                             28                                       78                                          77

TOTALS:       337                            334 (99.1%)                   1016                             1013 (99.7%)

Dr Johnson wrote that his results “… feel embarrassingly too good to be true,” but affirms that they do indeed reflect his experiences, and that he “recorded them exactly according to what happened.” His results have been confirmed by the Chief Medical Officer and local physicians who worked with Johnson at the time.

The Humanitarian Committee for the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology has reported similar results working with over 300 tsunami victims. They report: “Strong rapid responses to the psychological aftermath of the disaster, including alleviating anxiety, depression, and anger as well as the successful resolution of earlier traumatic memories activated by the tsunami experience.”

Green Cross founder Charles Figley, Ph.D., psychologist and leading figure in trauma treatment says, “Energy psychology is rapidly proving itself to be among the most powerful psychological interventions available to disaster-relief workers for helping the survivors as well as the workers themselves.”

Rather than continuing to prescribe ineffective and often dangerous medications to our suffering military heroes, isn’t it time that the U.S. Armed Services and Veterans Administration adopt these revolutionary methods as the primary therapy for victims of PTSD?


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