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The following information is included for individuals who appreciate details about HOW and WHY certain methods work.

Dr. Bruce Lipton – renowned cellular biologist and former research professor at Stanford University’s School of Medicine – has demonstrated that each cell of the body communicates with all other cells through a circulating energy system.

Every cell, chemical, atom and subatomic particle of your body – even a thought – generates energy. In turn, each is affected by the body’s circulating energy. This Life Energy system is influenced by all activity within your body – including your thoughts.

As long as the components function harmoniously, the body and mind remain in balance. Dr Lipton demonstrated in the laboratory that in order to function in harmony, two essential conditions are required: A) an absence of fear, and B) a normal circulating energy system. Anything that disturbs a single component disrupts the balance of all other components via communications within this energy system. 

We refer to this balanced state as being healthy. The word healthy literally means heal-thy (self.) Following any trauma or disease that does not kill us, a healthy body or mind repairs itself. It heals. 


Anxiety Relief – ZZZZZZZTTTT!


A traumatic event can unbalance the energy system for the duration of the event or long afterwards. For as long as an imbalance persists, it prevents the body from repairing itself. The more traumatic the event, the greater and longer lasting the disturbance. We refer to this unhealthy, unbalanced state as disease – dis-ease.

Such a disturbance may be likened to a short circuit in the energy system of an electric lamp or TV – a zzzzzzztttt, if you will.

Imagine the distorted picture on a TV screen if somebody were to randomly jam a screwdriver into its complex electronic workings—zzzzzzztttt! That distorted picture is a fairly accurate representation of how your brain responds to a severe trauma.

Traumatic events can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

Examples of physical traumas include injury, accident, surgery, illness, and physical or sexual abuse.

Mental and emotional traumas include truly frightening experiences such as stepping on a snake, death of a loved one, major disagreements, failed expectations in business or personal relationships, mental abuse, sexual abuse, and severe physical traumas.

Spiritual traumas can occur following severe physical, mental or emotional traumas. Such experiences may cause people to sever their connection to a higher intelligence – God, The Buddha, Infinite Intelligence, etc.

If not properly dealt with, severe traumas can disrupt an energy system for life. Examples of severe traumas include rape, attempted murder, mental, physical, or sexual abuse, witnessing the horrors of war, and natural catastrophes.

Permit me to repeat something said earlier: In every case, the traumatic event itself does not directly generate the associated negative emotion. Nor does the memory of the event cause the associated bad feeling to arise.

The traumatic event causes a disruption in the energy system as though someone, figuratively speaking, had jammed a screwdriver into the inner workings of your brain.

It is this energy disruption that produces the bad feeling!

The disruption remains bound to the original memory until something proactive is done to remove it. Like pulling a screwdriver out of the inner workings of your TV set, correcting this disruption is like pulling the screwdriver out of the inner workings of your brain. Doing so should eliminate the bad feeling once and for all.

Well guess what? It does! We now know how to remove those “short-circuiting screwdrivers,” no matter how long they have been jammed in place.

Once removed, the associated bad feelings simply go away. Why? Because as soon as the disruption is restored to normal, the healing Life Energy begins to flow again.

When the energy begins to flow, individual cells and entire internal organs begin to heal themselves from disease and injury. When individual cells and organs can heal, this means that your body is healing itself.

Dr Lipton’s work has showed us that under the proper conditions, the human body will heal itself from any injury or condition that does not destroy it

Removing fear and anxiety is vital to this healing process.

Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART) accomplishes such corrections  on a daily basis.

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